Friday, 27 June 2014

What No Sunglasses?!

Guest Post by Stephen Oldham

Despite the drizzle, today was National Sunglasses Day. Here at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors we really had to scratch our heads to find a driving related story to help celebrate. A few topics came to mind: Do people wearing sunglasses drive faster than people who don’t? Can sunglasses reflect police radar guns? Does drink driving in sunglasses make you more likely to get stopped?

None of the subjects are much fun. So we had to think harder. How about some word association? Sunglasses, drink driving, sunglasses, going to court, sunglasses, celebrities, sunglasses speeding, sunglasses, sunglasses ... That’s it! Celebrities going to court for driving cases wearing sunglasses.

So, please take part in our...........

Celebrity Sunglasses Quiz!

All of these celebrities have been to court for driving offences. Which ones were wearing sunglasses?

  1.       George Michael                                Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  2.        Graeme Swann                               Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  3.        Katie Price                                      Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  4.        Sarah Harding                                 Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  5.        Ray Wilkins                                     Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  6.        Barbara Knox                                  Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  7.        Kara Kilbey                                     Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
  8.        Professor Green                               Sunglasses/No Sunglasses
Scroll Down For The Answers peeping now!

George Michael
An easy one to start. Here is George outside Highbury Magistrates’ Court facing charges of drink driving.

Photo courtesy of the Independent

Graeme Swann
No sunglasses and a smart respectful look for Graeme. Of course Graeme was found not guilty at a trial when he was represented by top drink driving barrister, Phillip Lucas.

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Katie Price
A beautiful pair (of sunglasses) Katie … and a ban for speeding.
Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Sarah Harding
Former Girls Allowed star sports her shades. She was banned for 6 months after a conviction for using her mobile phone whilst driving. Should have given us a call Sarah.

Photo courtesy of the Mirror

Ray Wilkins
No shades for Ray after a three day trial.

Photo courtesy of the Mirror

Barbara Knox
Good old Rita! Barbara’s case is awaiting trial at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court. She denies the charge of drink driving. Not much chance for shades at Macclesfield where the sun rarely shines.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

Rapper Professor Green
Our prize for the coolest shades goes to the Prof. Guilty to drink driving.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

Cara Kilbey
TOWIE star Cara on her way to court (not in Essex) where she was banned for two years for drink driving, After the hearing she tweeted that she hoped others would learn from her mistakes.

Photo courtesy of

How did you do?

1-3 correct. Poor celebrity watching – need to subscribe to Heat magazine!

3-7 correct. Not bad. No driving ban for you.

8 correct. Well done!! Were the questions too easy?

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