Sunday, 6 July 2014

Let Grand Prix Blunder Serve As A Warning

Guest Post by Alison Ashworth

Lewis Hamilton may be licking his wounds today after an error of judgement made him opt for a pit stop in yesterday's qualifying hour resulting in him dropping from first to sixth place!!! He can't turn back the clock now, a desire to which our clients can  relate when they, like he, wish they could do something differently with the benefit of hindsight.

Hamilton's blunder not dissimilar to speeding motorists - Image Courtesy of the Daily Mail

For most "speed freaks" the thrill of watching Grand Prix drama will be enough, however we are advising motorists to be warned about the danger of allowing the excitement of the Grand Prix to influence, and lower their own driving standards.

For example, research from BSM driving school suggests that over a quarter of the people surveyed admitted to driving faster after playing on driving video games.

However before getting behind the wheel of your car whilst imagining you’re the next David Coulthard, we urge you to consider the potential impact of your need for speed on your driving licence.

If you are caught speeding then the following consequences may quickly follow:

  • Best case scenario

You may be lucky enough to be invited to attend a speed awareness course at an average cost of £100

  • Speed by up to 10 miles per hour over the limit-

You are looking at 3 points on your licence

  • Speed by up to 20 miles per hour over the limit –

You are looking at 4 - six points on your licence or a ban of 7 – 28 days

  • Speed by up to 30 miles per hour over the limit –

You are looking at a ban of 7 – 56 days, or points on your licence

It is probably also worth remembering the very wide sentencing powers of the Magistrates when it comes to speeding offences. There is actually no limit on the length of disqualification that can be imposed for a high level speeding offence.

Does speeding make you a totter?

Depending on the number of existing and active points on your licence, accruing points on your licence in the above way could result in you facing a totting up ban for which you face a 6 month ban.

We recommend that you leave the high speeds to the professionals, even if they do sometimes make a mess of their Grand Prix strategy! 

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