Monday, 20 October 2014

Don't remove your Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) or you could find yourself in court

Diesel Particulate Filters or DPFs are the bane of many motorists' lives. They are fitted to most modern diesel cars to filter harmful pollutants from the exhaust gases. The filters are seen as an important environmental protection.

Unfortunately the filters can become easily blocked, particularly in cars that are driven mostly around town. They cost a fortune to replace and a blocked filter can leave a motorist with a bill of several hundred pounds.

BBCMidlands Inside Out on 20 October 2014 claims to have uncovered a number of garages in Staffordshire that will remove the workings of the filters so that they don't get blocked. Of course this solves the motorists' problems but it also stops the filters from working and pollution gets released into the air.

Remove diesel filters at your peril!

Don't be tempted by this quick fix. Firstly removal of a DPF means an automatic MoT test failure. Cars normally still pass the emissions tests even with the filters removed. That's why mechanics try to fool the system by removing the insides of the filter leaving the plastic casing intact. It won't work if it gets spotted and you will be faced with a big bill for a new filter. Secondly, and more seriously, removing the filter is a criminal offence. It could result in a fine from the magistrates' court of up to £1,000 for a car and £2,500 for a commercial vehicle. The fine is for using the vehicle but the garage owner could also be prosecuting for "aiding and abetting".

If trading standards or the police do want to investigate or issue court proceedings then a specialist motoring solicitor may be able to help. Especially for motor traders, the fine might be the least of your worries. We will want to know what the evidence is and maybe test it at court. If the prosecutor can't prove the case then you will be found not guilty.

So, if you are concerned that you may need our help, please give us a call on 08000 85 27 84 for a "no strings" chat about your case.


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