Sunday, 15 July 2012

Are Motoring Offences Merely A Sign of Success?

Guest blog by Jonathan Berry

Wealth and motoring offences seem to go hand in hand, especially if the media's coverage of footballers' misdemeanours are to be believed.  The reason for this is, to some extent, obvious; the increased chance to purchase highly powered supercars and the opportunity to attend the best places in town. 

House-hold names such as Paul Merson, Ray Wilkins and Jermaine Pennant have all recently been stopped in high performance vehicles.

A report on has shown that professional footballers top the list of occupations that are the worst offenders for motoring offences. It was established that 28.9% of footballers have some form of motoring offence conviction on their licence.

Many people think that there must be a blatant disregard for the rules of the road by footballers, but this trend may be caused by other factors.
The fact that young footballers do not have the same learner driving experience as the regular ‘Joe Blogs’ could mould the rest of their driving career. The ‘finding your feet’ stage of driving is usually learnt in the first few years after passing your test. My first car after passing my test was a 1.1 litre vehicle which would be very different to most footballers who have the luxury to hand pick any car they so wish. This could mean that they may be learning their road awareness in a 3 litre turbo vehicle or bigger! At such a young age, it is easy to ‘show off’ in front of friends and unfortunately that is the main time that accidents and motoring offences occur.
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